Keep the faith

I’m struggling…like, really struggling.

I just want to meet someone. Everybody wants to be with somebody and I’m no exception.

And it’s so hard to remind myself that I’m on this new path where I follow God’s word and trust his plan for my life, but I’m finding it difficult!

I’m so used to taking control of my life that relinquishing that is tricky. It’s like second nature to me to handle things by myself, so handing them over to someone “invisible” is so hard.

Remind me why I’m doing this.

I also feel like I’d love to be happier single. I was for a while; I was so relieved to be free of the pressures and constraints of being with someone else and having to consider them and their happiness. But then these guys started popping up, coming in to my life. I can’t help wondering if that was a test? Was I supposed to say no to them all, continue on my path of self-love and self-worth, finding happiness in myself? Maybe that’s where I went wrong.

Help me to be happy in myself. Help me to feel fulfilled so that I don’t need somebody else, I don’t need a man to validate me or make me feel like I’m worth something. I should be able to feel that for myself.

Please let the right guy come along at the right time. Of course I want to meet someone. But in the meantime, please help me keep the faith.

Remind me daily why I’m doing this, when I can’t remind myself.



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