Where’s the one?

When you’re single, and you’re looking to meet someone….even if you’re already with someone……how do you know if they’re “the one”?

I’m not talking necessarily about the one who you’ll be with forever and ever and get married to and have children with and never fall out of love with.

I just mean, the one who’s going to stick around, at least for a while. The one who really loves you and wants to be with you.

How do you know if you’ve found them?

This is something I’ve often wondered to myself. But as a singleton, I look at couples and I think “how did they find that person?” and “how did they both know the other wanted to be with them?”

I feel like in today’s dating society people aren’t upfront enough. So many people seem scared to label things. Why is that?

Is it a fear of something better coming along but being tied down and not being able to do anything about it?

In the not too distant past, people settled down with their first real boyfriend/girlfriend. They got married at 18 and people were proud of it! So what changed?

Modern technology has to be partly to blame. Everything and everyone is so accessible, you can go on a dating app like Tinder, or use a dating site like match.com and you can meet people out of your social circle, who you would otherwise never normally meet. It opens up a whole new pool of people, any of which could be perfect for you.

So how do you know if you’ve found the person who wants you? The person who’s going to look at you and say to themselves “out of everyone I could have chosen, I chose you. I think you’re the funniest, kindest, nicest, most beautiful person and I want to be with you.” How does either of you know that something even more perfect isn’t waiting just around the corner? Just another swipe right away.

I guess all any of us can do is keep plodding on and remain willing to see where life takes us.


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