I’m not paranoid in the literal sense. How can I be when we’re not actually together?

Like I said before, it’s just simply that I like him and I want him to keep liking me as much as he’s said he does.

So why was he last active on WhatsApp over 3 hours ago and left me on read? He often does that but never for as long as he has done this week.

How can I not be paranoid, given last weekends events?

I went on to Facebook messenger to re-read a cute message he sent me a while ago, when we were messaging on there for a few days while my phone was fixed, and in doing so discovered that he was last active on there less than 15 minutes ago.

Modern technology is killing relationships because it allows us to stalk each other’s every movements and read meaning into every like and post and share and “last active” notification.

What do I do?

I will stand my ground, remain chill and not come across as paranoid or anxious.

But when he next messages me (which I’m confident he will eventually) I will casually ask if he’s free tomorrow. And his reaction will speak volumes either way.

Thank god for anonymous blog posts, allowing me to be neurotic and pathetic outside of my own head. If I keep it all inside I go crazy!! Screenshot_20170413-171736


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