Where does the love go?

“If you love someone, and you break up, where does the love go?” – Carrie Bradshaw

I always watch Sex and the City after a break-up. Carrie always reminds me to stay strong and stick with it, just move forward.

I’ve heard a saying about you can’t look forward while you’re still looking into the past, and that’s probably true. But how then do you decide whether decisions you’ve made are the right ones? Some decisions and choices that you make are wrong, and you need to or have to or want to go back on them. But if you’re so determined to move forward then you’ll never have that chance!

I guess, like everything in life, it’s just about finding the balance. And not doing anything rash, just because you’ve made a big decision in life – like breaking up with someone, or quitting your job for a new one, or going off travelling. It’s so easy to get back with that person, or stay in your old job, or leave the travelling – just because it’s the safer option. It’s what you know and it’s familiar and that’s universally comforting to humans.

But it’s about making the decision, and then leaving enough time to really let it sink in, to absorb the change, and remember why you made that decision in the first place. The reasons that led you up to it.

I’ll take my own advice and leave it. Don’t message him, resist the urge. Everything will be fine.


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