Recently I’ve been having dreams about someone.

I work with him; we’re really good mates. Best friends. And of course he’s cute. Tall, dark hair, blue eyes…you know how it goes.

And these dreams are so vivid and they’ve really shocked me because I’ve always thought I loved him just as a brother and then I was in this dream, I can’t remember where he popped up from or what was happening around us but, I just leaned in and kissed him. And now I see him in a completely different way.

I know it’s quite common for people to have a weird dream about someone for no apparent reason, and to never see them in quite the same light again, but somehow this feels different.

I just can’t stop myself from wondering…..”what if?”

I spent a few hours with him after work yesterday, just hanging out, like teenagers do! Which made me laugh. We were talking and smoking and laughing about weird stuff.

Why do all things in life have to be so complicated?


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